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                    Taught you how to - wall rock wool insulation

                    2016-03-22 17:11:44

                    Wipe the surface polymer anti-crack mortar buried fiber form thin plastering layer, thickness of surface normal 3-5 mm, enhanced 5-7 mm, exterior trim surface for coating.

                    Construction conditions:

                    1, exterior insulation construction should be outside the structure, the door window frame, door window all kinds of wall installation after the completion of the construction acceptance of embedded parts, etc. (this project have outdoor fire stairs and steel structure canopy, all need to do embedded parts)

                    2, the operating environment temperature recently just belong to the dry weather does not affect the construction (rainy days construction cause rock wool water absorption and deformation, the wind is not greater than (rock wool prone to human respiratory inhalation of silk floss after crushing). In view of the construction conditions are ripe, this project construction more smoothly.

                    Material preparation:

                    10 mm thick outer wall of the lateral stick flame retardant molding WTO rock wool board (bulk density of 150 kg/m3, adhesive adopts outer wall heat preservation dope, alkali resistance plastic coated glass fiber grid cloth, enhanced grid cloth hole center distance 6 x6 ㎜ grid cloth. Regular grid cloth hole center distance ㎜. 4 * 4 layer USES the crack polymerization mucilage.

                    The main equipment and tools preparation:

                    (1) decorated with hanging basket: 20 sets of specifications 3 x 0.8 meters.

                    (2) the hand tools, impact drill, rubber hammer, iron float, scraper, screwdriver and Man knife, etc.

                    Second, the technological process and sequence of construction

                    1, the technological process:


                    1. The JPG




                    2, the construction sequence: clean dressing base rock wool board exterior wall insulation after WTO that accords with a requirement from bottom to top paste, thin plaster from the top down construction sequence of construction.

                    Three, the key points of construction

                    1, the primary wall treatment

                    1) first clear the metope: at the grass-roots level surface should be clean, no oil, wax, release agent, coating, of weathering, dirt, frost, dirt or other obstruction of bonded materials.

                    2) eye hole wall, brick joints shall be filled, at the grass-roots level shall be solid level off, the surface roughness is not more than 5 mm. Local protuberance, empty drum, loose and have get in the way of binding should eliminate pollutants, in order to make sure the wall surface is flat and level.

                    3) the WTO rock wool board before construction should be washed metope, then use the polymer mortar leveling, mix proportion of polymer mortar is: ordinary Portland cement, fine sand, glue: water = 1:3:0. 3: right amount (weight ratio). Leveling surface at the top of the wall to place before post loaves of bread, cake and pull on line messenger wire again to 0.3 m to fasten on every vertical hanging straight after, to find in this line for leveling of basis at ordinary times, should guarantee before wall plastering moist, each frame on foot after inspection qualified, on to the next step of plaster, plaster, should always check whether there is any shift on all of the line of control, to ensure the verticality of the wall, flatness, ensure insulation board and wall body felt strong.

                    4) good leveling layer are strictly forbidden to empty drum, and promptly from the top down water conservation, after the metope of the water must be dry before being insulation board construction.

                    2, metope measurement and elastic line, hanging line

                    1) in the Angle of Yin and Yang Angle and fixed window steel wire to determine vertical base level error, tags and recorded; In each layer under the windowsill principal tensile long horizontal line for measuring flatness error of metope, make records.

                    2) according to the baseline plays the horizontal and vertical expansion joints grid lines.

                    3) hang line. Metope full height fixed vertical wire, each layer board level.

                    3, determine the position of the bottom insulation board

                    According to have to play a good line of the location of the installation Angle brackets, spacing is 1200 mm, the unequal Angle L80 * 50 * 5, 150 mm in length, the distance of 1200 mm.

                    4, adhesive dispensing

                    1) formulation and production technology should be in strict accordance with the suppliers in the field.

                    2) it's a two-component, dispensing adhesive plaster or mucilage with resin emulsion after opening, should be in before adding powder, with a special electric mixer will be fully stir evenly, then add a percentage of the uniform powder continue to stir until fully, to achieve consistency needed for the project.

                    Or 3) one-component: adhesive plaster mortar powder material directly adding suitable amount of water, with a special electric mixer, mix to achieve consistency needed for the project.

                    4) configuration may not be too much at a time, depending on the different environmental temperature control in 2 h or according to the product manual within the stipulated time run out.

                    5) grid cloth should be performed at the end of heat preservation system the following double package: doors and Windows on both sides of the mouth of the cave, balcony, deformation joints, WTO rock wool board installed on the metope of the up and down or so the vertices to the card package grid cloth, fabric width 260 ㎜, length according to site specific conditions.

                    5, paste the WTO rock wool board

                    1) paste before rock wool board, should be in accordance with the requirements of building facade design and external thermal insulation technology, pop-up in metope outside door, window, horizontal and vertical line and adjustable suture, decorative lines, decorative thread, etc. Should be in the Angle of building external wall of Yin and Yang and other necessary hanging vertical baseline, each floor place hang is horizontal, to control the verticality and roughness of the rock wool board; And the system starts and terminal first went package or bag edge processing.

                    2) on the outside walls of the smooth processing with a chalk line along the 20 mm from aproll elevation position pop-up is horizontal, when need to set up the system deformation seam, should be in the pop-up deformation cracks of wall and the width of the line, rock wool board bond position, and rock wool board shall consider the hole wall distribution board, base on line. System at the bottom of the first row of the side panel under the end of the rock wool board with aproll spacing not less than 200 mm, and USES the EPS, XPS and hard foam polyurethane heat preservation processing, le foot parts should be installed Angle brackets.

                    3) rock wool board should be bottom-up, horizontally laid paste, vertical seam should be 1/2 plate long break line by line, in the corner should be staggered interlock, vertical seam should be done line by line, keep the perpendicularity of the corner. The WTO after the rock wool board bonded, leave one day, before the next working procedure, and shall ensure that the perpendicularity of the corner.


                    2. JPG


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                    All copyright © 2008 shenzhen Petersburg composite materials co., LTD. All Rights Reserved

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